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Happy feet take their families to Disney World.

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Happy feet hike Mount Everest.

Happy feet save lives. 


Where will your Happy Feet take you?



"After 4 weeks of PFF I was able to complete a 10-mile race!"


"I'm so thankful to have the freedom of movement without pain in my foot again...looking forward to my first hike this week!"


"My pain is significantly reduced, in fact, I am mostly pain-free now.  Joining PFF was the best decision I ever made!"

 This program is for you if:

  • You have heel/arch pain first thing in the morning or at the end of your day.
  • Your pain lessens after you get up and move around.
  • You are READY to walk in freedom and have the happiest feet on earth!

Meet your Coach

 Hi, I'm Doctor Katie Osteen, Physical Therapist and my biggest passion is helping others walk pain-free again! After helping over one hundred patients overcome their plantar fasciitis, I developed a powerful approach to help people like you find freedom.

The Plantar Fasciitis Fix will not only give you "happy feet," but also you the ability to take back control of your life again. 

Life is too short to be held back in pain. Together we can find out where your happy feet will take you.


Mindy Hurd

After recovering from a surgery, I was excited to be out hiking again - only to be stopped by plantar fasciitis. I was experiencing a lot of pain in the heel and arch of my left foot. It was getting so bad I sometimes limped a bit to try and minimize the pain. I stumbled across the resources offered by Dr. Katie Osteen. After implementing the 3 free exercises first recommended, I noticed immediate reduction in my level of pain. I signed up for the Plantar Fasciitis Fix the next day and am so thankful to have found this program! I loved being able to do the exercises easily from home and found the calls with Dr. Katie helpful as we worked through specifics that would help my unique situation. I'm back to walking longer distances again with minimal pain and looking forward to my first hike this week! I'm so thankful to have the freedom of movement without pain in my foot again and am extremely grateful to Dr. Katie for her fantastic program!

Danna Kipnis

When I was introduced to Dr. Katie and her PFF program, I had been suffering from plantar fasciitis for several months and it was negatively affecting my pickleball, walking/hiking and pilates activities. I am extremely active and really hate when something slows me down. I already wore custom orthotics, had seen my podiatrist for this problem, and been performing the exercises my podiatrist suggested for a month with minimal improvement.  

While I was initially skeptical of a 30-day online program, after less than a week following Dr. Katie's videos, I noticed a significant improvement in my heel pain. Each week on the program I saw further improvement. After 30 days, I was almost pain free and a believer in Dr. Katie's PFF program.  

I am back to playing pickleball four times a week without heel pain; can again complete all the heel exercises during my pilates reformer classes without pain; and am walking three miles without any problem.  

I love that Dr. Katie has developed a flexible program that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Her videos are very easy to follow and she is readily available if you have questions or want to check in.  

Thanks to Dr. Katie, I can again be as active as I want without worrying about heel or arch pain.  The money I spent on her program is the best money I have spent on myself in a long time.

Gain immediate access to powerful results 

On average, it takes 2 weeks to get an appointment with a Podiatrist. Skip the suffering and start your path to healing within minutes of enrolling in PFF.

Take back control of your day.

Forget driving across town to the doctor and physical therapist offices.  Skip waiting rooms. With PFF, simply open your email each day and press "start" to perform your daily treatment.

Give yourself a raise!

The average person spends $2,000-$3,000 in managing their plantar fasciitis. Invest in a program that is guaranteed to give results so you can spend your hard-earned money where you want.

Plantar Fasciitis Fix


Top features

  • Activation session (20 minutes) with Dr. Katie Osteen
  • 30 days of evidence-based exercise videos in "do-it-with-me" format
  • Step-by-step video lessons teaching therapeutic massage techniques, taping strategies, and more!
  • Free mobile app to access full course content across all devices
  • Lifetime access to the program and updates

Plantar Fasciitis Fix +Coaching


Top features

  • 5 one-on-one sessions with Dr. Katie Osteen to gain support and custom recommendations for your unique needs
  • 30 days of evidence-based exercise videos in "do-it-with-me" format
  • Step-by-step video lessons teaching therapeutic massage techniques, taping strategies, and more!
  • Free mobile app to access full course content across all devices
  • Lifetime access to the program and updates

Money-Back Guarantee

My ultimate goal is to get you walking pain-free. This is why I offer a full money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your results after completing the program. With the Plantar Fasciitis Fix, you truly have nothing to lose!

Join now so you can start getting back to feeling like yourself again TODAY!

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Amanda Kent

When I started plantar fasciitis fix I had been dealing with PF for 2+ years, spent countless dollars on “solutions” and could hardly get through day-to-day activities or a 12-hour shift at my job without limping. After 4 weeks of PFF I was able to complete a 10-mile race! Katie’s solution is unique in the sense that she tailors the approach to fit what works for you while still being effective. After completing the program, not only did I complete my race and was able to get back into running, but I could also do the day-to-day things I took for granted like wearing a cute pair of shoes! 

Sydney Lawson

Thank you, Dr. Osteen! I have dealt with plantar fasciitis since I was in high school, I tried to deal with the pain by taping my feet for my sports practices and games. It was not helping. I was told by my family doctor that the best thing to do for it was to roll my feet on frozen water bottles and cans. That did not help. Katie is so knowledgeable, and it was helpful to have her answer all my questions regarding plantar fasciitis. PFF gave me knowledge and tools to help my plantar fasciitis. Katie’s solution is unique because she offers her time, her instructions are clear and doable, and it works. In 4 weeks, I have felt such an improvement in my feet. I had an overwhelmingly positive experience working with Katie, she made me feel comfortable and her passion for helping people is evident.

Crystal Stapleton

My Plantar fasciitis started a year ago. When I contacted Katie, I was desperate for help. I tried different shoes, acupuncture, physiotherapy, custom orthotics, stretches, night splints, rest, and so much more. 
I am a real estate agent and I could not show a house without sitting down on the stairs or the kitchen chairs during viewings and having to explain why I couldn’t stand for a full 30 minutes. 
My feet hurt the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed, including while I was sleeping. They were tender to touch. 
It was so discouraging because I am used to working out, walking to the beach or bus stop with my children and I was always saying “I can’t, my feet are too bad” 
Katie’s program helped me significantly with a plan to “fix” it. A regular routine. It held me accountable and made me understand what was going on with my feet and how to strengthen them and the rest of my leg and body also contributed. 
I started 4 weeks prior to going to Disney World and I made it through a whole day from 9 am to 9 pm. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a 90% improvement from where I was. I used her tools and stretched throughout the day to improve them and keep going. Even my husband who has heel spurs used her program alongside me and he is actually pain-free now. 
I can’t thank Katie enough for the tools that I now have for life and will 100% refer back to. I’m getting back to myself again! 😊

Emily Wyatt

 When I started PFF I was in pain during work. As a pediatric dental assistant, I spend a lot of time on my feet and found that a lot of days ended with my foot bothering me due to plantar fasciitis. 

This program solved my problem by giving me easy stretches and exercises that actually fixed the root of the issue. I appreciate that Katie’s solution is thorough, easy to follow, and actually improved the plantar fasciitis I’ve been suffering with.

 After about 2 weeks of PFF, I realized my foot was feeling better and I no longer suffered from the same annoying pain by the end of my work day.

Thank you, Katie! This program is a complete game-changer.

Hear from PFF Graduate, Kaitlin

As a runner, Kaitlin was left feeling depressed and lost on how to rid herself of plantar fasciitis. Watch this video to hear about her transformation with the Plantar Fasciitis Fix.

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This program can still work for you even if:

  • You've just started having pain
  • You've had pain for a long time
  • You've already seen podiatrists and physical therapists
  • You have tried every exercise you could find on Youtube
  • You've tried all the socks, braces, insoles, etc...

The methods included in this program are evidence-based and have been used by over one hundred plantar fasciitis sufferers just like you. You can be confident in knowing that you are finally on the right track to healing your feet. 

Just imagine how happy you will feel in 30 days when you are walking pain-free again! 

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